26 June 2019

Editited the Links page. The Heaven page is definitely dead I linked to. so, RIP. uh.. I added CoyoteSpooks page and Constellation 7.

3 June 2019

I threw in a picture of Kitaro on index and reedited the me page and index. Neocities is acting up and things don't seem to be updating correctly.(-_-;

2 June 2019

Since my last update I rejoined the borg, i.e. facebook and have gotten active on Twitter. I changed the "me" page accordingly.

13 April 2016

I know a year has almost passed since my last update. I've worked on several ideas for new things to add to my site, but nothing came into fruition. I really wanted to add a page about the original fX (<-- note the captialization) channel, but realized kryptonite.com has more information on fX and presented it better than I ever could. So, I just threw a link on my link page to them. I may still put up a Bob the Puppet shrine or Breakfast Time memorial instead someday.

I need to add some back buttons to this site. That'll be my next goal. Maybe I'll be done with that before another year passes.

14 May 2015

Fixed link on NeoCities button and added a guestbook. I'm still questioning if it's a good idea or not. We'll see.

4 May 2015

My old GeoCities site is officially back online. . .